Wild Garlic Flower and Tomato Salad

I’m determined to make this post a short one; I’ve not got much time because I’ve been squandering it of late. I took a day away from my desk yesterday to go for a walk in the woods. I so rarely allow myself to take time out on a weekday, it’s that ridiculous Protestant work ethic we had drummed into us as children.

Well, it was glorious and now I’m determined to get out more often (I really do need a dog and then perhaps I wouldn’t feel so guilty or self indulgent).  I know that “the simple things…..” message is an old one but I often need reminding myself, so perhaps you do too?


Prior’s Wood is just 15 minutes drive from my home in Bristol and at this time of year it’s renowned for the carpets of bluebells. The bluebells were heavenly yesterday yet I can’t help feeling that the haze of lacy, white wild garlic flowers deserve a shout too. Just like the rest of their allium cousins the flowers are arranged in glorious little star-bursty spheres and look so delicate above the lush green leaves.

The flowers aren’t just pretty , they taste fabulous too – you don’t need many to garnish a salad or a cheese plate so I’m not recommending that you set off with your empty knapsack and pick flower heads for the five thousand. Just a dozen flower heads will be plenty to serve at least four people. Have a taste, each tiny flower has a little bubble of garlicky juices that burst into your mouth as you bite.


Wild garlic leaves are tasty too but by the time the plants are flowering they’ve often become a little bitter. So now’s the perfect season for sprinkling teeny flowers over the first of the English tomatoes, which is exactly what I did for my lunch.


I could have added some young cheese too but those green tomatoes were spectacularly good and I wanted to savour them. So, a dash of extra virgin Arbequina olive oil and a few grains of coarse salt was all I added before garnishing with the flowers.

As I said, the simple things…..

6 thoughts on “Wild Garlic Flower and Tomato Salad

    1. Jenny Chandler Post author

      Morning Ailish, The tomatoes came from Reg the Veg, they’re just beginning to get some really good English varieties in. The green ones were particularly tasty.


  1. jacqueline

    Helas, it is a protected flower in the netherlands and thus rare … What a pity. I’ll check my mothers garden ..


    1. Jenny Chandler Post author

      Thankfully there still seems to be plenty around in the U.K., well in the West Country at least. The entire woods smelled of garlic on Tuesday.
      I hope you find some – just a couple of flower heads would be beautiful with some fresh cheese.


    1. Jenny Chandler Post author

      Hi M,
      I didn’t know that you followed my blog – so thrilled that you enjoy it- Ooh Wild garlic pesto – delicious & yes, we’ll see you at Claire’s – Can’t wait J XX



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