Green Kids Cook On Tour

Summer may be over but the fun certainly isn’t.
I’m giving a number of talks, demo’s and workshops at book shops, food festivals and literary festivals to share my new book, Green Kids Cook, with you all.

Getting our children interested in preparing, and loving, their food is crucial to them becoming healthy adults; as Henry Dimbleby puts it, in The National Food Strategy,
“Eating well is much easier if you know how to cook from scratch”.

Getting more veg’ on the plate is a win-win too, both better for us, and the planet.

Above all, Green Kids Cook is about having fun in the kitchen ( with a few craft projects thrown in) whilst dishing up some fabulous, sustainable food.

So here’s where to catch me (some links will be updated in due course) :

Ludlow Food Festival Friday, September 10th at 12 Noon.

Abergavenny Food Festival Sunday, September 19th at 1.30 pm

Aldeburgh Food Festival Saturday, 25th September at 2.45pm, Sunday 26th at 10.00am

Toppings Book Shop, Bath Wednesday, 29th September at 7.30pm

Dartmouth Food Festival 22nd-24th October

Stroud Literary Festival Saturday 6th November at 3.30pm

& finishing up on my home patch
Clifton Literary Festival Sunday 14th November at 4.30pm

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