Jenny Chandler

Photograph by Clare Winfield

I run hands-on cooking classes and demonstrations all over the place.

You’re best to go the relevant website to see exactly when and what I’m teaching but it’s always something seasonal, quite likely to have a Mediterranean slant, often Spanish but sometimes not, could be fishy or is quite possibly bread. I have a particular passion for pulses and also run some classes for families and kids.

You could come to a lunchtime demo, or book your own private class at my school in Bristol.

You’ll regularly find me teaching hands-on classes in Bath at The Bertinet Kitchen.

I do venture up to London too, where I run both demos and hands-on courses at
Leiths School of Food and Wine,  The Divertimenti Cookery School . I also give lunchtime demos at Borough Market about once a month

I really hope to see you sometime.

2 thoughts on “Classes

  1. elyttelton

    Good morning Jenny
    Lovely to bump into you yesterday at The Better Food co. I pressed ‘my school’ on your site but it doesn’t come up.Thought I’d let you know etc
    Looking forward to coming to a class soon.
    Sat in the car tucking into my Farinata thinking how interesting that we keep bumping into each other. I’m obviously meant to come to your classes!
    All the best


    1. Jenny Chandler Post author

      Yes it was great to see you. It made me think of the old days at Books for Cooks, I do miss the classes there. Thank you for the info regarding the “classes” bit – I’m not great on all this techy stuff but I’ll get there one day! It would be lovely to see you. J x



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