Jenny Chandler, photograph by Clare Winfield, 2012

Photograph by Clare Winfield, 2012

To get in touch please email me at

Or leave a comment on my post. I’d love your feed back, questions and ideas and will really do my best to get back to you asap.

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  1. Lyn Penfold

    Hi Jenny

    Being new to the West Country (from London) I was delighted to find your blog, full of information and actually useful for local knowledge (shops in Bristol, the bluebell woods…). I wonder whether you do anything in the autumn around picking mushrooms? There are lots of woods out here and I’m sure they are full of edible mushrooms, but I wouldn’t know where to start (I’m half Polish, so mushroom picking is in my blood, but I’ve only done it with Polish people in Poland!)




  2. Tess Graham

    Hello Jenny!

    A couple weeks ago I was on a train to London in the company of your sister, with whom I have had the pleasure and privilege of traveling several times, when I mentioned that I was planning to visit the Borough Market during my stay. Knowing that I am a passionate cook and food junkie, she told me a bit about your endeavors. Although the timing was not right for me to experience one of your demos at the market, I am enjoying your blog posts, and I especially like your video introduction to Pulse, which I will be ordering immediately. I am also very interested in your new book, as I regularly volunteer with the local food bank’s program that teaches children of all ages the importance of eating fresh, whole, nutrient-dense food, and how to cook for themselves and their families. I look forward to exploring more of your posts and trying your recipes, and perhaps someday I will be able to introduce myself in person!

    Thanks for sharing,



    1. Jenny Chandler Post author

      Dear Tess,
      I somehow managed to miss this message but it was especially lovely to discover such positive words on a dark, wet Monday morning.
      I was at Borough Market yesterday cooking with surplus food at an event called Disco Soup, it does just seem bonkers that we have food banks whilst we are also throwing so much away. That’s great news about the education side of the food bank you volunteer at. Just SO important for kids to know how to cook.


  3. Carole Ann Robinson

    Hi Jenny, it seems your cool kids cook book isin short supply and I can only find a kindle version. Any idea who stocks them, my grandson has very poor eyesight so I need the book not an kindle version, many thanks



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