Bluebells and Lemon Drizzle Cake

_DSC6049For the first time in my life I might just manage to be brief. We went to Priors Wood yesterday for a walk amongst the bluebells and I’m rushing this post because I SO want you to get there too. I know that lots of you aren’t from Bristol, in fact I’m amazed when I have a peek at my blog stat’s (Oh no I’m not too neurotic about checking my “hits”, nooo not at all) and see that people are reading my ramblings in such far flung places as Colombia and New Zealand. If you do live in Britain the bluebells are in their prime right now, go, there must surely be some woodland near you? If you live elsewhere… well, I just want to show off. Yes, it rains a lot here. Yes, it’s dull, dank and unseasonably cold too much of the time, BUT where else can you find woods like these? More to the point, where else would you find lovely ladies selling homemade cakes from trestle tables in someone’s garage to raise money for the local wildlife trust?

We showed no restraint whatsoever and had coffee and cake before even setting off on the walk, it did give us time to get hold of a map and join The Avon Wildlife Trust. The cakes were all fabulous by the way, but I am a serious fan of lemon drizzle cake and it won the prize for me. I’m not going to write out a recipe, there are plenty of them around, but here’s one I’d really recommend from Felicity Cloake of the Guardian. If you want to ring the changes a little,  try adding a tiny bit of fresh rosemary to the cake- literally about 10 of the needle-like leaves chopped very, very finely (almost to a powder) and added in at the same time as the flour.

Now I’ll leave you with some pictures of the woods. Being England we did, of course, get absolutely soaked but between showers (read torrential downpours) everything had an extra glisten and the smell of damp woodland was heaven.

1 thought on “Bluebells and Lemon Drizzle Cake

  1. pollyb64

    Spring really is the best of months … Love the flowers and smells, baby vegetables…I hope by the time I get back to Italy and Spain there is still a bit of Spring left !



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