2 thoughts on “Escarola at La Garriga market

  1. sashalubetkin

    Oh. glory! I’d go to almost any lengths to get such frisée/escarole in this country. I love the stuff beyond words. I’m mulling over the possibility of starting a campaign to bring more interesting lettuces to the English market, but the tide seems to be going the other way. Last year, I could get some very good and rare Italian lettuces from Ocado, but they’ve stopped supplying them this year, and the most exotic lettuce they supply these days is a radicchio di Treviso/Chioggia. So disappointing to an aficionada of lettuces.


  2. Jenny Chandler Post author

    I agree, it’s nigh impossible to get escarole in England. I love the texture. Why does everyone put up with those awful bags of tasteless baby leaves?
    I’d try growing some but they’d be demolished in minutes by our armies of slugs and snails.



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